The Ultimate Guide To Hemp Pre-Roll Packaging

 Outstanding packaging is critical to the success of your pre-roll brand. Not only will the Hemp Pre-Roll Packaging keep you compliant in a highly regulated business, but it will also ensure that your product stands out from the crowd.

Dispensary shelves are stocked with an apparently limitless variety of pre-rolls for customers to try. The packaging of a pre-roll is the first thing that catches the attention of customers, and it is our mission to offer you with everything you need to ensure that your pre-roll is the center of attention!

Everything Begins With The Pre-Roll

There is a pre-roll before there is packing. In other words, the choices you make throughout the pre-roll production process will have a significant impact on your packaging alternatives.

Every packaging option you make will be influenced in some manner by the size and type of each pre-roll. The amount of flower you intend to pack into each pre-roll will have the most impact on the size of your packing; however, keep in mind that pre-rolls (of the same weight) might vary in size depending on the cultivar and how densely they are packed. You should also provide a few additional millimeters of space in case a pre-roll takes longer than intended.

You have the opportunity to be inventive here. You can differentiate yourself from other producers by delivering something new; yet, there is something to be said about what is already working in your pre-roll industry. The best pre-roll brands include a wide range of sizes, varieties, and styles.

Options For Hemp Pre-Roll Packaging

You need to make sure they will fit now that you know what size pre-roll and how many pre-rolls per pack you want to provide. We've heard similar instances from clients who ordered custom packaging directly from China or India, only to discover that the sizing was incorrect and their products did not fit inside. What a dreadful nightmare!

We will go over your package options briefly in this section, but SirePrinting is more than simply a product catalog. Our team of specialists will walk you through the entire process and work with you to ensure that your packaging looks great and fits precisely. So, let's get started!

Custom Hemp Pre-Roll Packaging Vs. Stock Pre-Roll Packaging

One of the first judgments you must make is if you want or need unique cannabis packaging. You may tailor totally customized packaging to properly fit your items. Custom packaging is only limited by your ideas; nevertheless, it may not be possible for new brands just getting started or for smaller, limited-release type products.

SirePrinting not only provides totally customized cannabis packaging, but we are also happy to provide the most extensive selection of stock hemp pre-roll packaging solutions! So, if you want to get your project up and running as soon as possible, this is your best alternative.

Stock packaging features a smaller minimum order quantity, substantially shorter lead times, and much greater flexibility. Simply order custom labels and you'll have stock packaging that looks like custom packaging in no time!